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The method for shampoo and carpet cleaning is through a deep soil steamed cleaning which is extracted by means of a Portable Carpet Extractor.

Our company uses an American built, super-charged portable carpet extractor with truck-mount power! 1,800 watt heater produces temperatures up to 212° F. The portable hot water carpet extractor is a modern cleaning method that is used in today's market and is guaranteed to not damage your carpet.

Color Repair, Bleach Stain, Fading Etc.

Recommended for bleach stains, fading, etc. that are in the carpet and in need of color repair. Bleach stains are neutralized; carpet is then prepped for cleaning. A dye-color match is prepared; spot dye is applied to the colored carpet damaged area and then followed by a rinse.

Deodorization and or Mildew Treatment

By spraying and using enzyme odor solution which provides a wide range of enzymes that organic soils such as urine, feces, spoiled food, vomit skunk odor, mildew and persiration.

Thermo Fog

Thermal fogging is used as a hot fog appliance. This fogger creates an odor neutralizing smoke that follows airborne odors ( such as cigarette smoke , and the likes) to wherever they have migrated.

Pet Odor Treatment

This process is used for pre-treatment and initial decontamination of urine contaminated soft services such as carpeting, rugs and upholstery. This urine neutralizer suppresses urine-related odors and dislodges and liquefies urine deposits for removal.


Recommended only when the quality of carpet fibers is still in fairly good condition, but have moderate to severe bleach stains, red stains, yellowing or brown stains, fading caused by sun seeping through windows.

Carpet is pre-inspected by the technician in the areas that need cleaning and is evaluated for repair work; before overall clearing techniques are used. Technician pre-vacuums carpet and pre-conditions heavy soiled traffic and entry areas, all spots and red stains are removed as best as possible, and bleach stains are spot dyed. Dye color-match solution is prepared by a technician on-site and then applied to the carpet. Once the dye has been applied to the carpet, it is powerscrubbed to even out the color, and then followed by a hot water rinse.

Note: This is usually a significant cost savings for our clients. Since the cost of replacing carpet can be quite costly. You can save hundreds of dollars by dyeing carpet. (The cost of carpet and pad are continuously increasing since there is a great need for supply and demand.)

The life of new carpet shall yield at least 10 years at most if, properly taken care of. I recommend that you review the cost of “Replacing Carpet vs Color Dyeing of your Carpet” compare the difference in prices. I'm sure you will find a vast difference! You will find that color dyeing is more cost effective!


Seam repair is recommended when the carpet seams are pulled or are coming apart due to heavy pedestrian traffic. This process usually involves some power-stretching of the carpet, trimming of carpet end and then steam (seam) ironing in the need seam strips.

Bang-Down Strip

Also known as Metal Strips, Transitional Strips, moldings. Recommended when the metal strip has been damaged or old and you want a new finished appearance.

This procedure requires removal of old strips by prying it out. Then replacing it with new metal strip (or client selected transitional strip), cutting the strip to the appropriate measurement of length to be installed, stretching and trimming carpet end and then bang-down in order to have a smooth finish.

Repairs (Patches)

Recommended for tears and holes in the carpet which are in need of repair, or areas of carpet severely damaged by furniture stains and other stubborn stains that cannot be removed by normal cleaning. This requires cutting-out and removing damaged area, then patching-up with a remnant of carpet and seaming it with a hot carpet iron.

Cigarette Burns

Recommend for carpet mini burns in the carpet such as; cigarette burns. This requires cutting-out the damaged areas. Making a mini-patch by re-blending of the carpet fibers and adding hot adhesive; and then apply to the damaged carpet area as a replacement.

Stain Removal (Red Stains)

Recommend for the carpet that has red stains ; that has penetrated into the carpet base. This is a very time consuming process that requires the use of heavy-duty chemical solvents to saturate the affected area. This is done to penetrate into the base of the carpet stained area; and then removed via a steam ironing process. A red stain removal is used with terry cloth towels and a steam iron. Through heat and chemical reaction, (Heat-transfer), the red stain will be absorbed. The blend of cleaning and wetting agents, when applied with heat, loosens and releases fugitive dyes from the carpet and fabrics. Once extracted the carpet is prepped for cleaning.

Power Stretch

Recommend for carpet that is rippled, frayed at the ends, is loose and has come unattached…

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